Every year about this time, my focus and energy begins to shift  rapidly to the coming fall season. Why is this such an important  part of the year?

For one thing, it’s the time of year when sales increase for many  businesses. However, businesses who aren’t planning their fall  marketing strategies right now, will be too late to capitalize on  this increase in sales.

I know that you’re the type of business owner who is eager to  grow your business, so I’m sure that you’re now ready to look at  what you can do for your marketing this fall.

Let me give you a couple of quick ideas. First, Labor Day is this  coming weekend, so you can put together a special and get that  out to your list, to your Facebook friends, and your Twitter  followers.

Beyond that, you’ll have more time to plan for marketing you can  do in October, November, and of course, December too!

Here are some of my favorite types of promotions:

1) Bundles: Do you have products or services that go well  together, yet are typically sold by themselves? Put them together  and offer a price that’s better than buying each part  individually. This marketing strategy is one I use with just about every one of my clients because it works so well.

2) 3-Day Sales: This type of sale is powerful because it’s  limited in duration, and causes your customers to have very time  to “think about it.” They either act now, or they’ll miss out.  Send out an e-mail on every day of the sale as a reminder, then  on the final day, make it a “Last Call” e-mail and that will  generate more sales.

3) Bonus Items: Changing your pricing by dropping it is not the  only way to entice people to buy more from you. One strategy that  I love to use is to keep my prices where they are, but add in  additional bonus items with purchase. These can be anything from  e-books to audio CD’s, DVD’s, regular books, or if you offer a  service, such as a massage, you could add an additional amount of  time for the same price.

Now these are all great marketing strategies, but there is  something that works better than any one of these.

This strategy is one that few businesses will attempt but those  that do will often see their sales rise dramatically over the  upcoming fall shopping season.

I call this strategy “Momentum Marketing.” What I mean by this is  simply that doing one thing will make a difference, but if you  only do it one time, that difference won’t matter much over time.

The idea here is that you want to put in place as many marketing  strategies as you possibly can, even if they over-lap.

For instance, I might start this weekend with a Labor Day Sale,  then I’ll follow up with that sale by offering a 3-day sale on  other products. I’ll follow that up with a bundled offer. Then  right behind that I’ll offer something with additional bonus  items that are nor normally part of the package.

I’ll also include joint-ventures in the mix, and through it all,  I’ll be looking for every opening I can find to build my list.

Imagine if you were to do this for your business from now on. Can  you start to see how the momentum you’d be building would  dramatically change the face of your business?

There is no “one thing” that will do it all, but there are many  things that will all contribute to the growth of a successful  business.

Now is the time to start working on your fall marketing plans. I  can tell you that right now, today, this afternoon, that’s what  I’ll be doing for my business, and tomorrow, I’ll be working with  clients on their fall marketing plans too.

You will either go into 2012 on a high-note, or you’ll barely  make it across the finish line alive. How it turns out for you  starts with how you approach your marketing starting right now.












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