December 4, 2021

Archives for February 2011

Small Business Tips – Your Board of Advisors

Do you have a board of advisors for your business? This is a powerful tool that can help you take your business to new levels in record time, and it’s well worth the effort to create. Watch the video now, just click the title of this post!

Small Business Marketing Tips – How to Write a Book

Everybody has a book in them, or so we’re told. The challenge is how do you get that book out of you so other people can read it too! Click the title of this post to view the video now!

Small Business Tips – Your Language Patterns

Get a FREE Downloadable training program now! Go to What you say is a window into what you think. What you think is an indication of where you’re headed. When you really listen to a person’s language, choice of words, and use of metaphors, you get a unique view into how they think. You also get powerful insight into helping them become a better person if you’re a coach!

Small Business Marketing Tips – Your Power Hours

Get a FREE Downloadable training program now! Go to Every day, there are certain hours where you find yourself being more productive, more creative, more alive than at any other time of day. These hours can be a valuable resource to you, if you pay attention to them and use them appropriately.

Small Business Tips – Health and your business

Get a FREE Downloadable training program now! Go to Most business owners don’t give their health a second thought. They are busy, life is full, and worrying about health just never seems to make it to the list of things that are important. Yet, how you manage yourself and take care of your health makes a huge difference in the level of success you achieve!