January 18, 2022

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Weathering the Storms

When times get rough, it’s easy to feel lost, confused, scared, and even depressed.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are a few things you can to remain centered, strong, and grounded when the world around you is changing quickly as it is right now.

The strategy I’m going to show you in this episode has helped me weather many storms over the course of my lifetime and I share it with my clients to help them get through the rought spots too.

This is one you can do and show others you care about how to do as well.

Weathering the storm

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Hey, you see my social media?

What happened to my social media?

Boom! Just like that it all went away! Well that was fun! What lessons did you learn when you favorite web sites went dark and those that were still running were very slow?

My phone blew up with text messages when it happened, as I’m sure yours may have as well. What would you do if the outages were to last more than a few hours? Would it impact your business? Would you lose touch with family and friends?

Right now, we have to do what we can to have other methods of connecting with those that matter to us set up and ready to go. Here is what I suggest we do in this edition of Coach’s Corner!

Hey where did my social media go?

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The post Hey, you see my social media? appeared first on Robert Imbriale.