January 18, 2022

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Why We Believe the Things We Believe

Why we believe the things we believe

We argue about them. We disagree about them. We defend them.

They form a large part of who we are. But how are they formed? Can they changed?

In today’s episode, we’ll take a look at our beliefs and look at where they come from, how they are formed, and how you can change them if you want.

And you’ll see how easy it is to take on a belief that’s incomplete, inaccurate, and can lead you to making bad decisions!

All that and more in today’s Coach’s Corner!

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Why we believe what we believe

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New Year Positivity Now

As this New Year gets rolling, few of us are up for yet another year of more of the same. What we want is hope for a better year ahead. We want to put all the nonsense behind us. And we want to reconnect, rebuild, and even relax!

But are there signs of hope? Is there reason for optimism?

Where are the signs that we’re not going into yet another year of chaos and confusion?

Let’s talk about it on today’s episode of Coach’s Corner!

New Year! Yes we are breaking through!


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