May 24, 2022

Archives for August 2017

How to Get Started with Live Streaming Video


Live streaming video is a true game-changer, yet it may also be a little overwhelming and you may not know where to start, what to say, or how to introduce yourself. Watch this episode and learn how to get past the fear and start using live streaming to build your business, your brand, and your income too!


eCoach 30: You’re Doing it all Wrong!

How do you REALLY make more money in your business? Is it just a matter of marketing more, advertising more, promoting more, or is it something else? In this episode, we’ll look at the big key to making more money fast – and it’s not what you may think!

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eCoach 29: What Phase are You In?

Hustle and grind. Is this really how to build a successful career? It can be part of the answer, but it’s far from getting you to where the big money lives! In this episode of Coach’s Corner, we’ll explore the phases of your career or business and what each one means and why you want to align your goals with getting to the “Big Money” phase sooner rather than later.

Personally, this was a huge revelation in my own career and it completely changed the way I was going about building my business. Today, less effort, more income is my mantra and it all started when I began to understand the different phases of business.