May 24, 2022

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Navigating Uncertainty Today

I was driving to my studio today and thinking about how things were prior to COVID. And I wondered if they would ever go back to those times. Sadly, I think we have moved too far now to ever go back. We are in fact living in very different times.

When you look forward, do you see a predictable path forward or do you see continued chaos?

Most of the coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs that I speak with these days remain uncertain about the future. They cannot see past all the disruptions, the fear, the politics, and the fear.

Can you blame them? It’s simply not “business as usual” even thought we all wish it were!

So how can you navigate it all? I suggest that you stay informed. Stay connected to real news and get the facts, not the narrative. Yes, that takes time, it takes effort. But that’s what our people look to us for.. answers.

I want you to remain informed. I want to stay on top of everything, as much as you can. And I want you to join us in stepping up and talking about the issues with anybody who will listen. That is our path forward and it cannot happen without as many of us as possible stepping up now.

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When does it all end? The Lockdowns, masks, fear, anger..

Listen, it’s been rough. It continues to be rough and in some places it’s getting worse as more and more shutdowns seem to just keep coming.

It’s taxing on us all. Being deprived of our basic freedoms (like breathing freely in public) is causing very bad depression in our society. We’re frustrated. We’re angry. Our leaders have been compromised, bought out, threatened, and are totally feckless.

Our courts have turned their backs on us. And who knows where our military is and what they are planning, or not.

There’s not a lot of great news on the horizon, and the question on our minds is when does it all end? When can we get our lives back? When we get back to building our businesses, get back to following our dreams, setting new goals, creating new relationships, and just plain old having fun!

Well, I have some thoughts on all of this and a solution that will get us to the end of this horrible pandemic sooner rather than later.

When does it all end? When can we get back to life as usual?

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Tell Your Friends

I see a lot of people asking for guidance on what they can do right now to help our current situation. Tell your friends!

Now, if you’re happy with they way things are, there isn’t anything for you to do, but you would be in the minority.

If you’re like me and you’re simply not liking much of anything that is happening, you may be motivated to do something, but you not know what to do.

It’s normal to feel that way in these very uncertain times. Can you post your thoughts on social media? You may get censored!

Can you talk about sensitive issues with your family, friends, neighbors, and associates? You may be feeling fearful about bringing up such topics, so you remain silent.

We’re living in a time where being silent is no longer an option. At the risk of being cancelled, offended, and in some cases, even attacked, it’s not a time for us to remain silent. They are counting on us not speaking up because that is how we will ultimately turn things around.

In this episode of my podcast, which I’ve completely dedicated to current events, I’ll share some of things you can do right now.. even if you can’t get the word out on social media.

It's time to tell your friends!

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