October 22, 2021

Taking Care of #1

My Dad always had a saying that went something like this, ‘Whatever you do make sure you take care of #1!’

What was he referring to? Why you, of course. You’re #1!

In all areas of your life, the most important person will always be YOU.

It’s easy, often far too easy, to put other people and other people’s hopes and dreams ahead of your own, but you can’t do that and expect to have what you want in life.

As the old story goes, it’s hard to give if you’ve got nothing in your pockets!

Let’s look at your business. If it is indeed your business, the ONLY person who can determine how far and how big it ultimately becomes is you.

Yes, others can lend you some help, give you some advice, but in the end, it will be you and only you sitting at the controls and making the tough decisions that will ultimately determine the future of your enterprise.

Now back to taking care of #1.

In order to do the things you want to do, to be able to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, and to be able to live life on your terms, you must put yourself first.

Yes, it sounds “selfish” and even ugly, but in truth if you’re not willing to put yourself first, I can promise you that nobody else will either. You see, we teach other people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.

If you put yourself first, and make sure your own needs are taken care of, people around you will see you as being “important” and they will treat you very differently than if you put yourself last on the list and didn’t think of yourself as being worthy.

Why I tell you this is because it’s a shift that you can make right now that will prove beneficial to you for rest of your living days.

Not only will you see more success in your professional career, but you’ll see it at home, with your family members, friends, and even with those you meet when your out and about.

Back when I was just 16, I figured part of this out when I went to the local bank one day dressed as a typical teenager wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt. Wearing that outfit, I felt almost invisible as the tellers paid no attention to me until they really had to.

A few days later, I was dressed up in a shirt, tie, and wearing a jacket that I “had” to wear for school portraits that day. I went back to that same bank, the same branch, and even saw the same bank teller, but this time, I was “Mr. Imbriale” to them!

I never forgot that lesson, and when I opened my very first professional photo studio in Montreal just out of college, I always wore a shirt, tie, and jacket.

I made it my business to dress as if I were important, because in fact, I was! And I was treated as such no matter where I went.

I loved that so much that to this day, I still dress up, more than everybody else, and I do it because important people dress up. It’s funny when I fly and I’m wearing a shirt and tie and look around and pretty much I the only one dressed that way. I do get “special” treatment from the flight crew.

So what can you do that will send a message to the world that you matter, that you are important, that you are #1!

Dressing up is just one approach, but there are many more. You could block out the first hour of every day and make that time a time when you do what you want to do.

Maybe you love to read first thing in the morning, or maybe you prefer to write, as I do. Make it a priority instead of making it something you’ll do if you could only find the time. If you think it’s important, carve out the time and defend that time against all interruptions.

When you do, people will quickly get the message that you’re important, doing important work, and they will come to respect you for it.

But, remember, nobody will respect you until you do. You must learn to put yourself first, to take care of the most important things you need to do in your day ahead of taking care of other people’s challenges.

It’s easy to look the other way and jump in to help other people first, and it really does feel good. But what happens at the end of the day when you’ve done everything for other people at the expense of doing what you need to do for yourself?

I’m speaking from much experience here and I can tell you, that this is the best strategy for you to achieve professional burn- out instead of prosperity.

What I now know is that if can get the most important thing on my list done for me first, I’m much more able, willing, and excited about helping other people with their challenges.

Your job is to make the changes that will make all the difference in your life and that starts by making yourself the most important person in your life.

It may seem hard at first, but that’s very short-lived, and soon you’ll be in a position where you’ll look forward to each and every day in a new and exciting way!

And, over time, you’re going to see results in your life that you’re really going to love! Imagine going to a restaurant, saying noting out of the ordinary and being seated at the best table in the place.

Or going into a car dealership and being led to the sales manager who can really get you a great deal instead of the sales intern who isn’t sure how to fill in the sales order.

Or going to a seminar and being immediately surrounded by the top players instead of the wall-flowers.

Or walking into a party and having people come to you eager to meet you instead of being stuck in a corner hoping somebody notices you!

Your life changes when you change. This is your invitation to make the changes that make the biggest difference.

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer’

Planning for Success in 2013

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Incentive Marketing Makes Money

Did you know that it’s simply not possible to build your business on your own?

Did you know that every business that becomes something of a success got that way, not because of one person doing it all, but because one person inspired a team and together they created a successful business.

The question for most of us in business, is just how do you go about building your team?

How do you get people to help you build your business?

Why would somebody want to help you?

And how do you incentives them to step up to the plate and put some real effort into helping to build your business?

There are a few stages of business growth and at each stage, the formula for attracting the help you need is going to be different.

In the mid 1990’s when a little start up with an odd name called Amazon.com got underway, they knew they needed to reach out to a lot of people, but that they didn’t have the resources to do much about it.

Never to be deterred, the founder, Jeff Bezos, literally invented the affiliate program. By incentivizing their customers to refer others to their web site, they created what would become an industry leading company in just a few short years.

In the earliest phases of your business, you can and should borrow this model and find as many ways as possible to offer incentives to people, businesses, and list owners that are different from the everyday.

For instance, most people who write to me make essentially the same offer. They say in effect, “promote my widget to your list and I’ll share a small percentage of the sales you generate with you.”

Can you see why I’m simply not excited by this kind of offer? Not only are they common, they completely fail to take into account the fact that there is real work and real risk involved in sending anything to a list I’ve worked really hard to build.

If you were to think outside of the box, you might make a better offer and get much better results too. What if you could offer a list owner a full 100% of the sales they generate for you on a front-end offer, and then you could keep 100% of any and all back-end offers and upsells?

I would respond to that kind of offer and so would many other list owners too.

What if you made that offer to past customers of yours? I’ll bet many of them would jump at the chance to tell their friends, especially if they have had a great experience with your company.

The idea that I want you to take away from this is simply that if you want bigger success, you’ve got to do things that other people are either unwilling or unable to do.

Thinking up new an innovative ways to interest people in promoting your web site, your offers, your products is what separates those that struggle from those that get to live the good life.

A great question to start asking right now is, “What would it take in order for you, Mr. Listowner, to jump at the chance to tell your list about my products?”

If you don’t know the answer, start asking some list owners, business owners, friends, and business associates for some ideas. And always, always, always be on the lookout for offers that catch your attention so that you can borrow those ideas to use in your own business too.

Personally, I watch companies like Amazon.com because they always seem to be coming up with many new an innovative ways to get more people to their web site.

And, I have borrowed many of their ideas and used them with my own business and those of many of my clients as well.

Now, go ahead and come up with something that you feel confident you can do to build your business and feel free to share it with me, if you want some honest feedback.


The Most Profitable Thing You Can Do

It’s not uncommon for me to be asked about what makes the most money in a business. I love this question because I always have a great answer at the ready.

The best part is that this something that I advise every one of my clients to create, regardless of what their core business is.

You may laugh, but I’ve successfully advised doctors, dentists, chiropractors, a ski enthusiast, golfer, and even a FARMER to add this to their product mix with incredible results in every case!

With profit margins that are typically measured it hundreds of percentage points, ease of duplication, speed of creation, and many marketing channels available to you, it would be a massive mistake for you and your business.

But the one thing that really gets me excited is that I have yet meet a single person who can create these kinds of products!

I’ve even gotten my younger brother involved in creating these products and he’s now begun reaping the rewards of his efforts. By the way, he only puts in a very part-time effort on creating his products.

I would HIGHLY encourage you to have a look at this because it could be your ticket to thriving in the years ahead.

Go to http://www.ultimatewealthpublishing.com/1day

Now, if you follow my advice, I can promise you that the results you get will change the face of your business and may actually make you rethink how you’ll do business in the months and years ahead.

Go ahead, have a look here: http://www.ultimatewealthpublishing.com/1day

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer

Do you suffer from this killer “disease?”

As a business owner, you know that there are all kinds of challenges that you must face on a daily basis. Most of them are challenges that you can see, feel, and even hear but there is one that’s literally a “silent killer” that most every entrepreneur falls victim to at one time or another.

This silent killer has been responsible for the death of more businesses and business ideas than every other business challenge combined!

Personally, I’ve suffered from this disease for many years while I sat back and hoped and hoped that things would soon change. Things only got worse.

I didn’t recognize the symptoms, nor had I been informed to look out for this silent killer in my business, so I suffered for years under the effects of this disease before I finally started to unearth some real solutions.

Here’s what I did…. http://uwitv.com/80

If you’re suffering from this too, I wish you a speedy recovery and much more success in the weeks and years ahead!

Be outstanding!

Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer’

What do you do when the money runs out?

Some years back, when I was completely broke, I was searching for ways to bring in some c-a-s-h to refill my empty bank account.

At the time, I had a single product, which I sold for $147. I reasoned that if I could just sell 10 of these per month, I’d be alright for a while.

The problem was that I didn’t have the dollars to buy any advertising. I couldn’t even place a classified ad at that point in time, but I knew that I had a great product and if I could let enough people know about it, all would be fine again.

This situation set me on a path to figure out just how you can market and promote when you just can’t afford to pay for anything (at time, this included food for me!).

What I discovered literally changed my view of marketing over-night.

There was not just one, but dozens and dozens of way to market, to promote, and even to advertise that did NOT require any of my own money, and that could indeed produce the 10 or more sales I wanted each month.

Well, I set out on a journey to implement as many of these strategies as I could, as fast as I could.

One evening, while I was in my tiny 1-bedroom apartment, I sat in front of my computer and watched as the orders came in for my product. For a while, every time I hit the “send/receive” button on my e-mail, there was a new order!

This kept up for several hours that night, and continued at a slower pace for 3 or 4 days. I had not only hit the 10 sales I was looking for, but literally had closer to 100 sales, which was ten times what I had set my goal to be.

As you could imagine, after that experience, I was hooked! So hooked in fact, that to this day, this is the PRIMARY form of marketing I use to build my business and it’s what I advise my high-dollar consulting clients to do as well.

I can and will show you what I do, how I do it, and how you can use these same strategies in your own business if you’ll go have a look at this web page now: http://uwitv.com/77

If you like what you see, I’ll pay to ship it to you…

Be outstanding! Robert Imbriale ‘The Motivational Marketer’ http://www.ultimatewealthpublishing.com/products/No-Money-Down-Marketing.html

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