August 5, 2021

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Kids and Depression: Know the Signs

What can you do to help your kids if they are depressed?

When your kids are stressed, they won’t always be willing or able to talk about it in a constructive way. But, as a parent, you want to pay attention to the signs that all may not be well with your kids.

In this episode, I speak with Scott Feld, who has been working with kids for the better part of the last 25 years and we discuss some of the signs to look for and also what to do if you notice some of them.

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Kids and Depression. How to recognize the signs so you can take action to help your kids now!

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Read the Reviews Before You Buy

When it comes to most anything you have questions about, learn to use your intuition. We all have the gift, and it’s simply a matter of learning to trust your guy more often than your brain!

When things seem to be very confusing, which we are seeing now more than ever before, it can be hard to find your path forward. I get it. I feel that way too. But, I also have learned to use my intuition and that often gives me the right answers to most any question I’ve got.

You learn to use your intuition, life can get a lot easier and things can be much less confusing. More on this topic in today’s episode. Enjoy!

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Use your intuition

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We’re making an impact now!

This week, I’ve been speaking with a lot more people than I had planned to. The conversations have been similar, the concerns, the fear, the anger, and the frustration were all too familiar. I get it, I often have these same feelings. I want action and I want to see things happening right now.

But, that’s not the reality. What’s going on in our world, is massive. And the bigger something is, the longer it takes to change its course. So what can you do right now? How can you stay the course? How can keep going when it seems to be getting harder and harder.

The key is always to be properly informed. You have to take the time to dig and when you do, you will find nuggets that are very encouraging. And as you find those nuggets, you will want to be sharing them with your friends and family. That will give you a powerful sense of purpose and you’ll transition your frustration into passion.

That is what I have done.. that is how I remain passionate even in the face of hardship. If it works for me, I know it will work for you too. More on this in this episode of Coach’s Corner.

We're making an impact!




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You Have More Power

How powerful are we, as a group? If you stop to think about it, we still hold all the power. We can effect great change and we can stop the craziness that has taken over our society.

But that’s not what they want you to think. You see, they want you to believe that we don’t have any power, no ability to push back on some of the things we see happening in our world that we simply don’t want.

They censor us. They ban us. They make us stay at home. They keep us 6 feet apart. They make us wear masks so we cannot share something as simple as smile.

When does it end? When enough of us refuse to play the game. And to get there, each and every one of us has to access and use our power to inform those around us to as what is going on.

You have more power than you know. Always remember that. I share more on this in this episode of Coach’s Corner!

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You have more power than you may know

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It’s time to celebrate

Yes, things are not perfect and may never again be perfect, but it’s time to celebrate! To celebrate all that we have accomplished as a nation.

While we cannot predict the future, we have to realize that our battles are not being fought in the dark of night. They are everyday battles that we are waging. We win some and we lose others. But in the end, we have to believe that we will win the war.

Yes, the war.

I do see what is happening to this country as a war, a war for the hearts and minds of our youngest generation. It’s a battle for free speech, fair elections, and to have a voice in how this country is to go forward.

For this moment now, I’m taking a few moments to celebrate all that we still have that is great and worth celebrating. I hope you will do the same too.

Have a Happy Independence Day!

We have a lot to celebrate!

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It May Be Amazing Soon

There is a powerful law of attraction lesson that is really worth remembering right now as we move through difficult times. I had been thinking about this a lot over the past few days and wanted to get on camera to remind you of what it possible and how we can get there from where we are today.

I know, we tend to be focused on things we don’t really want, and that will usually bring us more what we don’t want. But what would happen if we started doing things differently?

Well, it occurred to me that we can literally recreate our future to make it truly amazing. And, in many ways, the process is already underway! I know that at this moment, we’re not yet seeing it and things still seem to be very dark, but I have total and complete belief that the veil of darkness will soon be lifted and it will lift faster when we pay attention to this one powerful law of attraction lesson.

Things will soon turn around and it's going to be amazing!

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Are you ready now?

It seems every day I have to check in to see if I feel ready for what is surely coming next.

While it’s not easy to stay “on” each and every day, we are not living in calm and easy times.

So we have to keep our heads up, and our eyes open because things could change quickly.

I want you think about what you are doing each day to stay on top of things. I want you to think more about how you are preparing for the unexpected.

And I’d like you think in terms of how you will prepare your mind for what is ahead.

Our world is in desperate need of strong leaders right now, and it’s not going to come from our government!

Are ready yet?

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When Will the Dam Break?

We are a society in turmoil. We are living on edge. With each new day more and more is revealed to those of us who have been paying close attention.

To the rest of society, it may come as s surprise in the coming weeks when there will be even more revealed. We will need to be prepared to support those who will be caught off guard.

I’ve been closely watching, reading, commenting, and discussing current events with many people. Some new, some old, some who are clients, and even family members too. After all, we live in a society in turmoil.

Some of these conversations are not easy but I think they are necessary. I would hate to look back and think, “I should have said something when I had the chance.”

In this episode I speak more about all of this and what I’ve been doing to stay focused.

When will the dam break? Society in turmoil.

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Does this scare you?

We live in amazing times.. but people are scared, very scared.. And they have good reason to be.

With so many things popping in every direction right now, it’s unsettling for many of us since we’ve never seen anything even close to this at any time in the history of our country.

So how can you better navigate the craziness? How can you stay strong not only physically, but also mentally as things continue to unfold?

While it’s not “snap your fingers easy” it can be done and I think right now it’s a must to keep ourselves strong, positive and out of fear as much as humanly possible.

I share my thoughts and strategies in this edition of Coach’s Corner.

What people fear most right now

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Keep Your Eyes on The Horizon

What’s going to happen next?

If you are in business, you have to be able to answer that question at all times. The last thing you need is to be caught by surprise as so many of us were back in March of 2020!

I know that running a business takes a lot of time and effort. I also know that there is more to it than just being focused on the here and now.

I was caught off guard when they shut down my state last year. I had to quickly adapt and I did. Others were not so lucky and I know many who are no longer in business because they could not shift their business model fast enough.

Today, there is no excuse. We know things around us are shifting very quickly and keeping our eyes on what is coming next so that we can be prepared for what we will soon be facing.

So how do you that? How do you have foresight to be prepare for the changes that are most certainly coming our way?

I share some thoughts on what I’m now doing so that I won’t be taken by surprise again!

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