September 21, 2021


Choose Your Battle

Be smart and choose your battle. You can’t fight on multiple fronts all at once, but when you get focused on just one battle, you have a lot more power!

There are right now many battles and many fronts. Some of them really matter to you, while others are not quite as important.

What you need to do now, is to pick a battle, build a team, and then take action. When you do, we can make a major impact and change things that are simply wrong in our society for the better!

Choose Your battle

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You Are The One Who Decides

You decide. When it comes to your health and any and all decisions about your health, there is only one person who gets to decide what’s best.

While some people are all too happy to defer their treatments to what their doctors say and that’s fine.

I’m not one of those people. I have learned to ask lots of questions. I have learned to do a ton of research. I simply will not make a decision until and unless I have as much information as humanly possible!

If you want to live long and happy, it’s in your best interest to get as much information as possible before agreeing to any sort of health treatments.

You get to decide

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Stand Guard and Protect Your Body and Mind

What can you do? How can you cope? Are you paying enough attention to what is going on? Are you feeling “off” about it all?

Well, you’re NOT alone. We are all feeling the pinch right now and we have to find ways to stay strong and stay the course. It’s time now to protect your body, mind and soul.

There will be a day when we will get past all of this, but that day is not today. Those around you are looking to you for support, information, and strength.

Will you be one of the people who will be part of a new generation of leaders? Sign me up for that! I cannot sit by and watch the wheels be torn off our great country!

Protect Your Body, Mind, and Soul
Protect Your Body, Mind, and Soul


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Reach out for Support

When times are uncertain, as they are right now, the last thing you want to do is to be alone. That we have been separated, socially distanced, masked up, and divided more ways than I can remember, it just makes things worse.

It’s time to come together, to talk, to share, to post, to comment, and to create groups where we can gather to connect and grow.

If you’re feeling the pinch right now, know that you’re not alone. We all are. And there is NOTHING wrong with reaching out for some support. In fact, it’s the best thing you can do to help propel you through these rough times.

Reaching out for support

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Stay Positive!

With all that has been going on how do you stay positive?

If you watch main stream media, you are probably feeling less than positive about the state of our world today.

That’s understandable. The media business does not sell good news. They don’t sell hope. What they see is fear and conflict.

You have to dig beyond the main stream media to find the rays of sunlight over the horizon.

If you, or somebody you know is feeling fearful or depressed, reach out and help them find the hope they so desperately need.

We talk more about it in this episode of Coach’s Corner.

Stay positive! Here's how.


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How Fear is Used to Motivate You

Using fear, you can pretty much get anybody to do anything… even against their better judgement.

When the covid period began for me in March of 2020, instead of going right to fear, I did something very different. Something that most don’t do.

I stopped, and dug in and did my due diligence. What I found was that there was no reason at all to feel fearful about anything that was happening around us.

So instead of being wrapped in fear, I was instead encouraged, motivated, and able to stay in confidence. That led to a lot of people coming to me to find out what I knew and why I wasn’t in fear when so many others were.

When they can raise the fear levels high enough, they can get you to do almost anything. And you’ll do just about anything to get out of fear and they know that!

There is a better way…

Fear motivates. There is nothing to fear.


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Kids and Depression: Know the Signs

What can you do to help your kids if they are depressed?

When your kids are stressed, they won’t always be willing or able to talk about it in a constructive way. But, as a parent, you want to pay attention to the signs that all may not be well with your kids.

In this episode, I speak with Scott Feld, who has been working with kids for the better part of the last 25 years and we discuss some of the signs to look for and also what to do if you notice some of them.

More about Scott:

More about Robert:

Kids and Depression. How to recognize the signs so you can take action to help your kids now!

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Read the Reviews Before You Buy

When it comes to most anything you have questions about, learn to use your intuition. We all have the gift, and it’s simply a matter of learning to trust your guy more often than your brain!

When things seem to be very confusing, which we are seeing now more than ever before, it can be hard to find your path forward. I get it. I feel that way too. But, I also have learned to use my intuition and that often gives me the right answers to most any question I’ve got.

You learn to use your intuition, life can get a lot easier and things can be much less confusing. More on this topic in today’s episode. Enjoy!

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Use your intuition

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We’re making an impact now!

This week, I’ve been speaking with a lot more people than I had planned to. The conversations have been similar, the concerns, the fear, the anger, and the frustration were all too familiar. I get it, I often have these same feelings. I want action and I want to see things happening right now.

But, that’s not the reality. What’s going on in our world, is massive. And the bigger something is, the longer it takes to change its course. So what can you do right now? How can you stay the course? How can keep going when it seems to be getting harder and harder.

The key is always to be properly informed. You have to take the time to dig and when you do, you will find nuggets that are very encouraging. And as you find those nuggets, you will want to be sharing them with your friends and family. That will give you a powerful sense of purpose and you’ll transition your frustration into passion.

That is what I have done.. that is how I remain passionate even in the face of hardship. If it works for me, I know it will work for you too. More on this in this episode of Coach’s Corner.

We're making an impact!




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You Have More Power

How powerful are we, as a group? If you stop to think about it, we still hold all the power. We can effect great change and we can stop the craziness that has taken over our society.

But that’s not what they want you to think. You see, they want you to believe that we don’t have any power, no ability to push back on some of the things we see happening in our world that we simply don’t want.

They censor us. They ban us. They make us stay at home. They keep us 6 feet apart. They make us wear masks so we cannot share something as simple as smile.

When does it end? When enough of us refuse to play the game. And to get there, each and every one of us has to access and use our power to inform those around us to as what is going on.

You have more power than you know. Always remember that. I share more on this in this episode of Coach’s Corner!

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You have more power than you may know

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