As you may have noticed, what’s needed more than anything right now is more hope  and certainly some big changes are also in order. But sitting back and waiting  for the powers in charge to give you hope or make the kinds of changes that will  make your life better is fruitless, frustrating exercise in futility… and I’m  being kind!

In my life, I’ve taken on a new approach that is serving me quite well these  days. Instead of waiting for things “out there” to change in ways that will give  me hope, I start instead by creating that hope by making changes in my immediate  environment.

What in the world does that all mean?

Realize that you have no real control over what happens to our country, in our  government, and even in our local towns. Yes, we can vote, we can get involved,  and that’s always a great idea to make your voice heard. The challenge is that  it can take decades or even generations before we see any real change.

The mess this country is in right now didn’t happen in 1 year, it didn’t happen  in 10, it happened over decades. Getting things to go in a new direction will  also take time. But can you afford to wait?

The answer there is no way!

You need to get back on your feet, to get back to being in charge of your life,  your income, and get back to feeling empowered once again!

So what can you do? Start by making changes in the areas of your life where you  have real control. For instance, only YOU get to choose what you focus your  attention on in any given moment. If you don’t like the news, you can turn away  from it, as a simple example.

Honestly, that’s the most important change you can make, but there are others  that will help a lot too. For me, I take time to look at everything that I’ve  created, all the “toys” that I’ve got to play with, and the clients I serve and  I do everything I can to appreciate all of these things.

That puts me in a great frame of mind. From there, I get back into my creative  space and start to think about what I want to create next for myself, my  relationships, my business, my health, my mind, and my spiritual growth.

It is critical for us men to always have something to work towards. In fact, I  find it very hard to get motivated to do much more than get out of bed each day  unless I know that I’m working towards some goal that I’m excited about. It  could be something small, or it could be something much larger, but I absolutely  must have a goal in front of me to stay motivated.

Ladies, I wish I could speak for you, but alas, I can’t. I do know that for  women, having a sense of security is vitally important to them and when that is  threatened in any way, their world is shaken.

Find that thing that YOU require to stay motivated and make sure it’s part of  your daily life and not something you’ll think about at some later time.

If you need to, change your workspace. Sometimes just moving your desk from one  side of the room to the other can shift your energy and give you a renewed sense  of motivation. The idea is that you work on the things you do control and use  those things to change how you feel, to improve your personal outlook for the  future and to keep yourself empowered no matter what happens out there.

At the end of the day, there really is nobody else that is going to motivate you  as well as you can motivate yourself.

Don’t wait for things to get better out there. They may, or they may not. The  elections next week may give you hope that some of the worst offenders will be  removed from office, but don’t count on that alone as your reason to feel  motivated.

Some of the goals I’ve set for myself are today motivating more than anything  else ever could. I’m producing a new radio show that you’ll hear more about in  the coming weeks, I’m wrapping up the editing on my next book to be released in  the coming months, and I’m rebuilding some of my company infrastructure to be  more effective for both my customers and my company.

What is it that you can use right now to motivate yourself?

What goal or goals can you set that would be a total joy to work towards?

How can you change your current environment in ways that will make you feel  better?

If you’re having struggles with this, drop me an e-mail. My main joy in life is  in helping my clients find out what really drives them.

I’m here to help.

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