If you don’t yet have a business plan for your business, you are at high risk of failure. Statistics show that businesses without a plan, fail at an astoundingly higher rate than businesses who have created and are following a business plan!

Today, my guest is Burke Franklin, a man with decades of experience helping businesses get funded and get sold to larger organizations. His experience runs deep and he’s now in a position where he can help you to get your plan done, and yes, even if you’re a solopreneur!

What if you want to get some financing to take your vision to the next level?

Or what if you want to borrow money from that rich uncle of yours?

Maybe you’ve been in business and have a great idea and are looking to sell?

If you have a vision for creating something bigger and having a much bigger impact in this world, this is an interview you’ll want to watch and share!

To find out more about Burke and his company: https://linkto.media/powertools

Business plan: Playing a bigger game in your business

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