Challenges bring opportunity

Challenges bring opportunity!

Everybody I speak with these days still talks about how their lives have changed since 2020. Seems the impact of all that has gone on since that time continues to weigh on so many of us.

I know it does for me, for many of my clients, and for family and friends too.

Heading into this summer, the 3rd summer in a row now where things are still not back to normal, how will you use this time to build a stronger version of yourself?

How can you use it to rebuild your business into something better than it was before.

Remember, that challenges bring opportunity.

Our focus now has to be on seeking out and finding those new opportunities that have been presented to us because of the challenges we have faced.

For instance. Many people I know how found a new strength or resilience within themselves that they didn’t know even existed.

Others, and I include myself in that, have found a voice inside of them they never knew was there.

Others have found new ways to re-formulate their businesses to serve their clients and new ways. Again, they found ways of doing things that they would never have found had we not gone through these last nearly 3 years of non-stop challenges.

I’ve made many new friends. I’ve tripled my social media following. I’ve been able to help a new group of clients, and I too have innovated my business to align with the market the way it is today.

Growth does not come from doing the same thing over and over again for 40 years. It comes when we face challenges and find ways to overcome them using our skills, knowledge, and experience in new ways.

As we go into this summer, how are YOU growing? How are you changing your approach to benefit from the changes we are experiencing now?

On this episode of Coach’s Corner, I’ll share some ideas on where to look and how to navigate the rough waters that surely lie ahead of us.
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