No, I’m not talking about you and me, I promise! We’re good, really good!

I’m talking about 2013, the year that was by far the most challenging year I’ve ever experienced yet. And it wasn’t just my business, it was a rough year for every business owner I know, without exception.

It felt as if the earth beneath our feet was constantly shifting and it was hard to get a solid foothold to be able to push forward.

That’s the bad news. While I’m not a big fan of harping on the bad, it’s a great place to start, but not to hang onto.

Tomorrow, we begin a fresh new year. Now just changing the date on a calendar doesn’t wipe out everything, but I know that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

After this past year, I feel stronger than ever. I feel more confident in my work because of the storms of the past year.

In some respects, I’ve become a master at “desperate marketing” where the odds are stacked against you, the budget is gone, and there are only a few days left to make sales.

This is trial-by-fire, and it’s an experience I would not have traded for anything.

I suspect that in 2014, there will still be bumps, things will continue to be rough, but you and I are now experienced in dealing with the rough stuff, and so I firmly believe that we’re going to see things improve on a personal level.

Forget about the economy, and focus instead on your own financial health.

Forget about health care laws and the disaster that our health care system and do things to take care of yourself because it’s abundantly clear that a government run health care system will fail us all and can’t be relied upon.

Forget about the businesses that have failed around you. Realize that when a business fails, there are more customers for those that are still open for business.

Forget that people are short on cash and have slowed their buying to a snail’s pace and instead focus on the few that are still buying, who have money, and who are moving forward despite what may be happening around them.

Learn to become selfish (not mean). In other words, be sure to take care of you before trying to take care of anybody else. After all, you may think you can help others when you’re in trouble, but you can’t. You must become strong, then you will have the power and resources to help others.

We have much to be thankful for, and much to look forward to.

I promise you, 2014 will be a better year!

Happy New Year to you and those you care about most.

I look forward to seeing more of you on the other side!

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
‘The Happiest Marker Alive!”



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