Imagine that you have found the perfect product. A product that  could help anybody become more successful. A product that was  simple, affordable, and you just knew in your hear that it would  benefit millions of people.

Now imagine that you are sitting there with this product in your  hands and have no way of getting the word out about it.

There’s no mystery here, this is the reality for the vast, vast,  vast majority of business owners and would-be business owners.

But does it have to be this way?

I beleive that the KEY to building a successful business in any  industry can be found in your ability to reach out to more and  more people all the time.

You should be keen on seeking out new and better ways to reach  new people all the time. You could do this with the many social  networks, you could write articles, record videos, create a  podcast, and you can do it face-to-face as well.

What’s the BEST strategy of all?

In my book, the best strategy is the sum total of all of the  above. Each one will result in some level of results for you, but  when you combine them all, you end up with the kinds of results  that great companies are made of.

One of my favorite networking strategies now has a home on the  web, which I’m excited about. The strategy is generating  referrals from other business owners, and now that’s been made  easy by this web site.

Personally, I refer clients to other businesses on a regular  basis because it’s one of the things that my clients expect from  me. And this is an open door for you too. Let me explain.

I’d like you to do two things today. First, go to this web site  and set up an account (no cost): (this is my page)

Next, I’d like you to add yourself as my “Colleague.” I’ll accept  your invite and will look at your profile to see what kind of  referrals you are looking for.

I will be more than happy to make referrals to you when I have a  client with a need that you can fill for them.

Step three for you is to be ACTIVE on this web site and look to  not only connect with more people, but also to refer people out  to other businesses and also to get referrals back. The more  people you connect with, the better your odds of securing new  business.

It’s a simple step, and I know many business owners simply won’t  bother to take it and that means they will be missing out on the  energy generated by this web site!

I also know you are the type of person who will look at every  option to build your business, and that you’re willing to give  anything a fair shot!

This is one I believe is worth investing your time in.


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